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Couples Massage and Couples Classes can only be scheduled via the telephone. Software program is not able to book couples appointments. 952.440.6000 Text 952.923.3129


Massage Fun Facts

Did You Know?

*  By massaging and gently pulling on your ears - top, middle and bottom of outer earlobes once per day increases your immune system and protects your organs and tissues.  As all of your acupuncture and TCM points are located within each ear.

*  One hour massage equates to 7-8 hours sleep on the body.

*  Bob Hope lived to be 100 years young, and is believed to have had therapeutic massage daily as part of his healthy regimen.  

* There are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin-- 3000 in a finger tip.

* Touch stimulates the release of endorphins (the body's natural pain killers) which is why a mother's hug for a child's skinned knee can literally make it better.

* People with eating disorders who received massage three times a day for ten days, gained weight faster and got out of the hospital six days sooner than those who didn't.

* Massage before an athletic event, improves the athlete's flexibility, enhances speed and power, and reduces risk of injury.

*  Massage and bodywork therapy is sought out by a large number of people in age brackets: 18-24 (22%); 25-34 (31%); 35-44 (25%); 45-54 (22%); 55-64 (19%); and over 65 (9%).

*  The most important driver to try an alternative treatment is a recommendation from a friend or family member, which leads 62% of their patients to these providers.

Couples Massage need to be scheduled via the telephone. 

Land Line 952.440.6000 

Text 952.923.3129

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Mailing List receive E.Subscriber only Discounts.